Adlerian Family, 1990 (Dr. Thomas Sweeney)

Family Therapy, 1990 (Olga and Laura Silverstein)

Couples Therapy, 1991 (Peggy Papp)

Groups: Process and Practice, 1992 (Dr. Gerald Corey)

Reaching Children Through Play Therapy, 1992 (Drs. Carol and Byron


Interactive Imageries, 1992 (Dr. Richard Landis)

Constructing the Sexual Crucible, 1992 (Dr. David Schnarch)

Identification, Treatment and Prevention of Child Abuse, 1992 (Atlantic Shores


Adolescent Sexual Behavior, 1992 (Dr. Allen Cohan)

Psychotherapy with Children, 1993 (Dr. Violet Oaklander)

Sexual Abuse Investigation, 1993 (Janice Hindman)

Crimes Against Children, 1993 (Terry Thomas)

Shelter From the Storm, 1993 (St. Augustine Psychiatric Center)

Treating Couples, 1993 (Harvard Medical School)

Treating Sexually Abused Children, 1994 (Drs. Carol and Byron Norton)

Family Reunification, 1994 (Halifax Medical Center)

Divorce Busting, 1994 (Michele Weiner-Davis)

National Children’s Mental Health Conf., 1994

AAMFT Annual Conf., 1994 (Chicago, Ill.)

Marriage & Family Conf., 1994 (Jeffrey Kottler),

The Power of Play, 1994 (John Poidevant),

Sexual Trauma: It’s Aftermath and Recovery, 1994 (Yola Harrison)

Working with Families with Addictions, 1995 (Dolores Schafer)

Men in Treatment, 1995 (Ronald Columbo)

Issues and Techniques in Treating Adult Survivors of Abuse, 1995

(University of South Florida)

AAMFT Annual Conf., 1995 (Baltimore, Md.)

Abused Women Survivor Therapy, 1995 (FAMFT)

Deconstructing the One Way Mirror, 1995 (FAMFT)

Shelter from the Storm, 1995 (Plantation Mental Health Services)

Your Uncaring Child, 1996 (Dr. Norman Hoffman)

Through the Eyes of a Child, 1996 (Dave Pelzer)

Field Instructor supervisor training, 1996 (UCF School of Social Work)

Therapy With Children: International Seminar Series, 1996

(Canadian Play Therapy Institute)

Post-Traumatic Stress: Evaluation and Treatment, 1996 (Dr. Alan Keck)

MFT Licensing Prep Workshop for Instructors, 1996 (Boston, Mass.)

Intergenerational Family Therapy, 1996 (Dr. James Framo)

AAMFT Annual Conf., 1996 (Toronto, Canada)

Play Therapy: The Art of Understanding Our Children, 1997 (Regenia


Private Lies, 1997 (Frank Pittman)

Supervisor Workshop, 1997 (Dr. Alan Dye of Rollins College)

Strengthening Couples Relationships, 1998 (FAMFT Conf.)

Disaster Mental Health Services, 1998 (American Red Cross)

Disruptive Behavior Disorders, 1998 (Dr. Ivan Fleishmann)

The Marriage Experience, 1998 (Gus Napier)

Domestic Violence: The Clinical Response to Families in Crisis, 1998

(Dr. Martha Coulter, The Spring of Tampa Bay Inc. and USF)

Testifying Without Being Intimidated by Opposing Counsel, 1998

(Kimberly Sands, Esq.)

AAMFT Annual Conference, 1999 (Chicago, IL.)

Depression in Children and Adolescents Diagnosis and Intervention, 1999

(Dr. Anita Sanz)

Adult Male Response to Victimization, 2000 (Franklin Nooe)

Blood Born Pathogens, 2000 (FL. Dept. of Health)

The Year 2000 Congress on Child and Play Therapy, 2000 (Dublin Ireland)

Marriage as an Incubator for Spiritual Growth, 2000 (Hedy Schleifer)

Summit 2000: Suicide Prevention and Education, 2000

(Daytona Beach Community College)

Strengthening Step Families, 2000 (Elizabeth Einstein)

Therapist as Parent Coordinator, 2000 (Susan Boyan)

FADAA Annual Conference, 2000 (Kissimmee, FL.)

Adopting Changes, 2001 (Daytona Beach, Fl.)

Domestic Violence Overview: Part I & Part II, April 27 & June 8, 2001

Masterson Approach workshop, April 12 & 26, 2002 (Carol Keeler, LCSW)

ACAAnnual Conference, March 2002 (New Orleans)

AASECT Annual Conference May 2002 (Miami)

Suicide Prevention Coalition: “Suicide & the Elderly”, 5/8/2002 (Dr. Cohen)

HIV/AIDS workshop: ACT Corp. May 23, 2002 (Ann Hurley)

Ethical Issues in Mandated Reporting, June 19, 2002 (HND)

Risk and Protective Factors, June 19, 2002 (HND)

Gender Identity Issues June27, 2002 (Jane Updyke)

Working With Offenders, September 5, 2002 (Jane Updyke)

Working With Clients After the Affair, Oct. 25, 2002 (Regenia Proskine)

EBACA Oct. 31-Nov. 3, 2002 (Augsburg, Germany)

Prevention of Medical Errors, Nov. 21, 2002

Using Spirituality for a Change, Feb. 7, 2003 (Bill O’Hanlon)

Do’s and Don’ts of Legal/Court Action, March 6, 2003 (CFAMFT)

Childhood Depression, Oct. 10, 2003 (Michael Thompkins, Phd.)

EMDR’s Impact on Families Feb, 2004 (CFAMFT)

The Abusive Reactive Child, Mar. 5, 2004 ( William Crew, LMH)

Professional Licenses & Certifications Education Teaching Experience Clinical Experience Professional Affiliation

Workshop Presented


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