Why Therapy?

Life is complicated at best. Challenges are constant: conflicts in relationships, life transitions, emotional crises, educational and career decisions make navigation though life’s waters complicated.
Sometimes we sail through masterfully and excited, sometimes we’re frightened and lose our sense of direction. Sometimes the problems we face are present obstacles; sometimes they are remnants of our past experiences. Understanding the origins of our feelings provides solutions for creating a fulfilling life.
Professional therapists are trained and committed to providing the help and support we may need to master the challenges of life. They work with people of all ages, races, cultural backgrounds, and circumstances to help them maximize their potential, make positive changes in their lives, and achieve their goals.

What it Marriage & Family Therapy?

As individual’s, our patterns of behavior are influenced by our families throughout our lives. In marriage and family therapy, the family messages and rules are considered even when the client is an individual.

Marriage and family therapists treat a wide range of serious clinical problems including: depression, marital problems, anxiety, individual psychological problems, and child-parent problems.

Who are Marriage and Family Therapists?

Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs) are mental health professionals trained in psychotherapy and family systems, and licensed to diagnose and treat mental and emotional disorders within the context of marriage, couples and family systems.

Marriage and Family Therapists broaden the traditional emphasis on the individual to attend to the nature and role of individuals in relationships such as marriage and the family. MFTs take a holistic perspective to health care; they are concerned with the overall, long-term well-being of individuals and their families.

Why use a Marriage and Family Therapist?

Research studies repeatedly demonstrate the effectiveness of marriage and family therapy in treating the full range of mental and emotional disorders and health problems. Adolescent drug abuse, depression, alcoholism, obesity and dementia in the elderly -- as well as marital distress and conflict -- are just some of the conditions Marriage and Family Therapists effectively treat.

Studies also show that clients are highly satisfied with services of Marriage and Family Therapists. Clients report marked improvement in work productivity, co-worker relationships, family relationships, partner relationships, emotional health, overall health, social life, and community involvement

In a recent study, consumers report that marriage and family therapists are the mental health professionals they would most likely recommend to friends. Over 98 percent of clients of marriage and family therapists report therapy services as good or excellent.

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